Friday, October 29, 2004


October 27, 2004

As we pulled off the main highway onto the exit ramp to Thurmont we were greeted by the sign advertising the Cozy Inn. Once I see that sign each year, the memories start flowing faster....and don't stop til....(I started to say....about 3 hours later...when the sign starts fading from the rear view mirror........but...they haven't stopped yet. )

Actually, they'll never stop. Nor will the friendships we made at that rather magical place.

Yes, magical. (I didn't say perfect, I said magical.) That's why we keep returning to Thurmont each year.

Cozy Inn is considering hiring an artist to paint this picture on their ceiling

Tony Zukas brought along these two "classics" (we'll give Tony all the credit...but between you and me.......his lovely wife was the one who finally found them after an exhaustive search of the Zukas mansion!) First pic is from 1958. Second one is from the Jimmy Dean Show, 1959.

THIS IS A WORK IS PROGRESS! Email me your I can share them on our site...........

-from Flora Ward

The good news is that Sean is doing very well following the second fractured femur (first on April 10 with attendant replaced hip followed by complications and removal of infected hip: second on October 18, same leg). He is wheelchair- and bed-bound which doesn't mean he's not ready to party.

The bad news is that they won't be replacing his hip due to high risk of returning infection (staph) as well as the problems related to his Alzheimer's and a few other compelling arguments. So I'm shopping for a wheelchair van and an upgraded wheelchair; can't keep a good guy down. We'll lay low for another few months while his leg heals, then we'll start traveling, so don't be surprised if we show up.

Also we have squirrels in the attic. Real ones.

Love, Flo & Sean

Doris Fausey tells me that 53 people attended. Here's her list, as of the 27th, if any more came at the last minute, let me know.


Harriet Arshawsky
Albert Bargamian
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Beall
Buddy and Florence Belote
Thomas Buckley Jr
William Calder, Jr.
Andrew Carpel
George Catron
Gerald Conklin
Mr. and Mrs. James Conner
Donna and Earl Dunmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. George Eptamenitis

Bob and Doris Fausey
Mr. and Mrs. Royce Fish
Emil and Hazel Franks
David French
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Guttenberg
Mr. and Mrs. James Hannen
Mr. and Mrs. James Hargreaves
Donald Herr
Stephen King
Charles Langdon
Ralph Mlaska and Guest
Peter O'Reilly
Mr. And Mrs. Kevin Rafferty
Harry and Helen Remmers
Lee Shephard
Paul and Bea Stottlemyer
Richard Webb
John and Donna Wilcox
John Yeardley and 2 Guests
Mr. and Mrs. David Zarin
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Zukas

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